Bureau of Mines Midget Impinger For Dust Sampling.

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SeriesReport of investigations (United States. Bureau of Mines) -- 3360
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Instructions for sampling atmospheric dust by the impinger method (Information circular / Bureau of Mines) [Emery, Alden H] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Instructions for sampling atmospheric dust by the impinger method (Information circular / Bureau of Mines). Get this from a library. Dust sampling with the Bureau of Mines midget impinger: using a new hand-operated pump. [J B Littlefield; H H Schrenk; United States.

Bureau of Mines.]. After 85 years of service, the U.S. Bureau of Mines (USBM) closed in Certain functions, such as the collection, analysis, and dissemination of minerals information, have been returned to the U.S. Geological Survey. For information on former USBM programs or.

In the central portion of the dust box two glass impingers and two sharp edged probes (SEPs) were used to sample the descending aerosol droplets for periods of about three hours. The sampling rate of the impingers was 11pm into i0 ml of DEHS.

The SEPs drew 8 ipm of air through Millipore BD filters (pore size l~m).Cited by: 3. intended for collecting dust particles in a liquid medium, but are also useful for for the Midget Impinger and Midget Bubbler represent the highest flow rate obtainable; above this figure, the liquid Bureau of Mines (), (), and ().

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of Konimeter, Midget Impinger, and Thennal Precipitator. see Appendix C In th1.s gation, with. the exception of some work with the koni­ meter in the Canadian mines, the:Midget Impinger was used in all cases and the standard procedure established by the U. Bureau of. Mines. 2 was 2. Information circular.

June. A. respirable dust exposure limits, dust sampling requirements for inspectors and mine operators, a voluntary x-ray surveillance program to identify CWP in underground coal miners, and a benefits program to provide compensation to affected workers and their families.

J.B. Littlefield, F.L. Feicht, H.M. SchrenkBureau of Mines Midget Impinger for Dust Sampling U.S.

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Bureau of Mines Report of Investigations (No. ) () Google Scholar. An all-glass midget impinger, as shown in Fig. 1, is suitable for min and 1-h samples. For. h sampling, an absorber train could be assembled, Polypropylene Two-Port Tube Closures Glass Impingers Having a tube of 60 mm outer diameter and 1 5 mm length.

Mb: Bulletin 72 - Occurrence of Explosive Gases in Coal Mines This report presents the results of an investigation begun ny the government in the summer ofthe investigation being started under the immediate supervision of Dr. Holmes and continued under him as director after it was transferred to the Bureau of Mines inthe field studies being completed in the spring of conducted using various sampling devices including midget impingers, konimeters, and both area and personal Respirable Dust Control.

Proceedings, Bureau of Mines Technolgy. The book draws. United States Bureau of Mines Information Circular Bureau of Mines Midget Impinger.

By H. Schrenk and Florence L. Feicht. 7 text pages PLUS 4 figure pages which include a photo of the Midget Impinger, which is a dust sampling apparatus. (stiff back board added by library).

Experience indicates that when dust is controlled at the primary sources the importance of secondary sources is minimized. The present paper is concerned with one of the primary sources of dust production in mining, namely during the undercutting of coal by machine.

The U.S. Bureau of Mines midget impinger was used for sampling the air-borne dusts. The dust cloud generator, and the nature of the coal-dust cloud it produced, are described.

The instruments tested with coal were (1).Kotzé koni-meter, (2) British konimeter, (3) the Owens jet dust counter, (4) Bausch and Lomb dust counter, (5) Cascade impactor, (6) U.S. Bureau of Mines midget impinger. ic / some of the welfare problems of the mining industry and what the bureau of mines has done about them, pb, $ 5 ic / some data on dust in industrial work, pb, $ 4 ic / spontaneous combustion of coal, pb, $ 4 ic / fire proofing mine shafts, pb, $ 10 ic / bureau of mines midget impinger, pb, $ 4.

Bureau of Mines midget impinger for dust sampling / by J.B. Littlefield, Florence L. Feicht, and H.H. Schrenk. Full text of "Respirable Dust Control: Proceedings, Bureau of Mines Technology Transfer Seminars, Pittsburgh, Pa. – Septemand St. Louis, Mo.

– Septem " See other formats. “Midget Impinger for Dust Sampling,” Report of InvestigationsU.S. Bureau of Mines, standard impinger, n —a specific instrument employing wet impingement, using a liquid volume of 75 mL and a gas flow of 28 L/min.

(a) Concentrations of airborne dust in the test space shall be determined by sampling with a midget impinger apparatus, and a light-field microscopic technique shall be employed in determining concentrations of dust in terms of millions of particles (5 microns or.

United States. Bureau of Mines: The Bureau of Mines coal-sampling truck / ([Washington, DC]: U.S. Dept.

of the Interior, Bureau of Mines, ), also by Rudolf H. Kudlich (page images at HathiTrust) United States. Bureau of Mines: Bureau of Mines cost estimating system handbook. The subsequent chapters describe dust control methods for different kinds of mines and mining equipment.

This includes underground coal and hard-rock mines, as well as surface mines, stone mines, and hard-rock tunnels. Because dust sampling has so many pitfalls, a chapter on methods used to sample dust is included.

Additional Physical Format: Print version: Hartmann, Irving, Lessons from intensive dust sampling of a coal mine.

Washington, D.C.: U.S.

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Dept. of the Interior. A dust-sampling apparatus evolved by the U.S. Bureau of Mines that makes use of the principle of impingement of the dust-laden air at high velocity on a wetted glass surface, together with that of bubbling the air through a liquid medium.

See Also: midget impinger. In Schweden kommt die reine, ausschließlich durch Quarzstaub hervorgerufene Silikose verhaltnismäßig selten vor.

Gewöhnlich werden die Arbeiter einem Mischstaub ausgesetzt, welcher mehr oder weniger starke Abweichungen von der klassischen Berufskrankheit hervorruft. In der vorliegenden Arbeit werden these verschiedenen Mischformen unter der gemeinsamen Bezeichnung Silikose zusammengefaßt.

For years in the U.S., the most common dust sampling device was the midget impinger, devel- oped in by the U.S. Bureau of Mines (Little- field et al., ) (Figure 1).

Air was drawn through the impinger by a hand- cranked pump. Inside the device, the air emerged Figure 1. Midget impinger. In the United States, impinger methods (Greenburg-Smith or midget impingers) were commonly in use until the early s. Dust levels, whether based on counts from an impinger or on mass collected on a filter, were associated frequently with data on the crystalline silica content of the dust.

PDF | Researchers at the Colorado School of Mines, under a project funded by the Alpha Foundation, have developed a working prototype of a dust sample | Find, read and cite all the research you.

Mining Reports Pennsylvania's Annual Report on Mining Activities. Each year the Bureau of Mining Programs issues reports containing information on mine operators, mine names and locations, tons of coal produced, number of employees and hours worked and the. Sampling is defined as taking a small portion of a whole mass that accurately represents the whole mass.

Very simple to define, however obtaining a representative sample is anything but simple. processing plants and mines. One problem faced by mining activities is the material to be sampled was formed in the earth hundreds of million years.

A dust-sampling apparatus evolved by the U.S. Bureau of Mines that makes use of the principle of impingement of the dust-laden air at high velocity on a wetted glass surface, together with that of bubbling the air through a liquid medium.

See also: midget impinger Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms. Abstract. Sampling from the atmosphere is carried out mainly to monitor health and nuisance hazards. The air is full of particulates, even in a non-industrial environment, but these are not usually noxious.and-pan sampling method required by MSHA [1] is flawed in several aspects: Mechanical sampling with a brush exerts forces on the mine dust that may differ significantly from those present during an explosion.

Also, U.S Bureau of Mines research [2] has determined that only the top inches of the mine dust layer will.Accuracy Criteria Recommended for the Certification of Gravimetric Coal Mine Dust Personal Samplers. NTIS Pub. No. PB ().

[8] Breslin, J.A., S.J. Page, and R.A. Jankowski. Precision of Personal Sampling of Respirable Dust in Coal Mines, U.S. Bureau of Mines .