felting shrinkage of wool tops.

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Nancy Wesley. out of. The laundering cycle often includes tumble-drying, which can also contribute to excessive felting shrinkage. The propensity for wool garments to shrink by felting under these conditions has led to the development of techniques to make wool ‘shrinkproof’.

An alternative, and better term is ‘shrink Cited by: Felting shrinkage of untreated wool fabric occurs easily during tumble drying. Mechanical action applied on fabrics plays a significant part in felting shrinkage of wool fabric. This means you need to measure it before and after felting. I like to write down the measurements, the shrinkage rate, how many layers I laid, the name of the wool, where I bought it, it’s micron measurement and anything else I might find interesting on a little piece of paper and pin it to the finished felt.

living felt, inc. LIVING FELT - Felting Supplies: Providing supplies, kits and wool for all your felting, nuno felting and needle felting adventures. Since Needle felting is an increasingly popular craft that is easy to learn and doesn’t cost and arm and a leg to buy the supplies.

You really don’t need a lot of different tools or equipment to partake in needle felting, which makes it affordable and simple—a great combination. Many. Felting is irreversible. In addition to the shrinkage, the fabric surface was transformed from thin and crisp to thick and fuzzy.

This is the part of felting no product can undo. The Knitter’s Book of Wool. online classes. About. Founded in and written by Clara Parkes, Knitter's Review explores the yarns, tools, books, events.

There are only two things that are important to felting success: 1. The fiber type / blend: I have found that a blend of 65% or higher wool content yields the best results.

% wool is desirable, but not necessary. The knit stitch: This one is a little harder to pin point or predict. I've found that certain knits refuse to felt no matter what I do - even if the wool content is high.

What is the Process of Felting?. There are two basic ways of felt making: Wet and Dry. Wet Felting is the process of using felting shrinkage of wool tops. book, soap and some form of agitation to cause the fibers to open up and then bind together.

You can do this with raw wool fiber, washed fiber, carded batts, or processed wool roving and sliver. This process also works for felting previously knitted, crocheted or woven. Types of Felting. There are several felting methods.

However, the basic concept and end result is the same. Felting is the process of tangling, or interlocking, wool fibers to form a permanent mesh structure.

Unlike smooth fibers such as cotton and silk, wool is uniquely structured to allow for felting. Wool fiber covered with small scales, or. Felting wool is frugal: you basically create a new substrate refashioning old clothes, nearly for free what’s better in your book.

Felted wool is naturally dirt-repellent and water-proof: this makes it perfect for sewing accessories like shoes, hats, and bags. % wool felt well, anything lower than 75% wool will more likely give you a. Wool felts because it has microscopic scales on the surface of each fiber.

When the fibers are subjected to a mixture of moisture, heat, and agitation, the scales lock together like Velcro.

Unless the wool has been through a superwashing process that removes or smooths down the scales, wool will always be at risk for shrinkage due to felting. Wool is the most notable fiber that shrinks because it has scales that act like Velcro.

Wool felts or fulls as heat, moisture, and agitation are applied to it.

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Some wools will shrink more than others - wool from Merino sheep felts easily, while wool from Southdown sheep is more resistant to felting. Or if you are going to do nuno felting.

Usually 18 mic or 22 mic will do for wearables except you have very specific requirements for softness or extra sensitivity of the skin. And yes I think shrinkage to be different depending of microns and felting time as well but not significantly so.

In this example, I have used both 21 micron and 18 micron merino wool tops. I started by laying out 2 sets of 12 inch x 12 inch squares. I wanted to see if the direction of the wool layout made a difference in the amount of shrinkage.

For each sample I laid out 3 layers of merino wool. Felt Sample 1. Depending on the structure, not all the relaxation shrinkage in a garment is released by soaking in water. Sometimes mild agitation is required to achieve this, which can make it difficult to separate relaxation shrinkage from the other type of shrinkage that occurs when wool is washed; namely, felting shrinkage.

Other supplies include core wool, pre-felt and embellishing materials such as glass eyes. Core wool is used to build the inner ‘core’ of 3D wool sculptures. Pre-felt is wool that has been industrially needle felted and generally comes in the form of a sheet which can be cut into shapes to use as embellishment.

Pre-felt can also be wet. resistance of wool tops treated with the system H 2 O 2 / Na 2 SO 3 /sericin/ECH (felt ball density g /cm 3) was close to that of the machine washable wool obtained.

Felting is a processing technique for wool which yields a non-woven fabric of unusual sturdiness, water resistance, and wind resistance. The resulting textile is known as felt or boiled wool, depending on regional terminology.

It is relatively easy to practice felting at home, yielding felted fabric of good quality for an assortment of projects. During the process your project will shrink. The amount of shrinkage depends on how long the piece is felted.

Take this into account when planning for a specific item (ie: Kindle cover etc) so that it does not come out too small. Felting also works best when you are. Combed tops/Wool Tops: Commercially prepared fibers, combed into long loose ropes. Felt: A fabric in which wool fibers are interlocked and entangled.

With the application of moisture and friction, they are transformed into a compact mass and become felt. Felting Needle: A long needle with barbs on the end.

Used for hand, machine and industrial. One of the really amazing features of wool is that you can shrink it into a fabric that is wind, water, and abrasion resistant. “Felt,” as it is commonly referred to, is a great material for bags, outerwear, or, when made with finer weight yarns, many apparel items.

The process is known variably as boiling, fulling, or felting wool, and. Needle Felting with Shetland Wool. I purchased Shetland wool from about 4 or 5 different sources for my project in a variety of colors.

All purchased within the US. All of the wool I purchased must have come from a double coated variety because they contain the course hairs that won’t felt. What Is Wet Felting.

Felting is the process of connecting or blending wool, wool roving or fiber together to make a fabric. With Wet Felting, that is accomplished with water, water temperature fluctuation, soap and agitation.

The other form of felting is Needle Felting which utilizes special felting needles to create felt fabric. Check out Needle Felt for Beginners for more info.

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We’ve tried to describe the breeds here, but more information can be found in “The Fleece & Fiber Source Book”. Two older references (now out of print but worth tracking down) are “In Sheep’s Clothing” and “The Knitter’s Book of Wool”.

Quick Metric Conversion: 1 oz = g, 2 oz = g, 4 oz = g, 8 oz = g, 1 Lb. Merino is a fine, soft versatile wool which is commonly sold combed into tops. Wool t ops is good for precision work to get the amount you want, or the top coat of wool for 3D work (often over core wool), and for hair and fur on animals.

It is also easy to card and blend colours together to create new shades. Felting Wool Wet Felting Hook & Punch. Rug Hooking Rug Punch Book Discounts Purchase books and get 10% off. Purchase 5 books or more get 15% off. The total price must be over $20 and there is no discount on out-of-print books.

My suggestion would be to have you make a small sample first. That way you can figure out shrinkage with the wool that you will use as well as how much wool it will take and how long it will take you. That is the way to figure out all your questions and the answers will be for you personally because every situation and every felt maker differs.

This treatment is designed to inhibit the natural felting properties of animal fibres, thus leading to easier care of garments. Tencel. Tradename for viscose fibre. Threequarterbred. Generic term used to describe wool with fineness approximately 33microns.

Tops. Continuous sliver of combed fibres prepared by combing the fibres after carding. Tops & Tees Skirts Felted Knits- how to felt mittens and hats- shrink your knitting- how to create felted slippers- how to shrink knitwear- felting wool SilverMaiasBookcase.

From shop SilverMaiasBookcase. out of 5 stars (3) 3 There are wool felting books for sale on Etsy, and they cost $ on average.

The most popular color?. I would be inclined to unravel and re-knit or if you have any wool left over knit a small square (like the tension test ones you do before using a pattern) and experiment with shrinking that and drying it before you try the whole garment.

Mohair can be made into felt so I would be worried you'll get a felt effect if you try to just heat shrink. It is a bag of top waste from World of Wool which consists of dyed tops, dyed fleeces, natural tops and end of runs from their blending machines.

It is brilliant for felting, needle felting, and spinning and is the perfect choice for beginners. Please be aware that there may be some synthetic fibers included which will not felt on their own.To start, I knitted up a simple piece with % wool yarn.

To felt things, you need to have % wool yarn, or it will not felt.

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To check this, look at the yarn wrapper. Most will say if they are for felting or not. You can't use Superwash wool yarn. This has been processed and will not felt.